The knowledge base of the Madras Sanskrit College is now accessible to you! With its online digital courses, you can learn the ancient Indian language of Samskritam at your own pace and place.

To begin, take part in Samskrita Praveshika, an introductory course on Samskritam, where you can learn the basic concepts of the language. This goes from the simplest things like the alphabet all the way to common words and phrases. There are no prerequisites to taking this, except for your curiosity!


The Madras Sanskrit College

We are one of the oldest colleges in India dedicated to the preservation of Sanskrit language and culture. Our college is 111 years old. The college has developed a great reputation of being a beacon of learning and as a protector of India’s culture and heritage.

We have developed a beginner’s course in Sanskrit – Samskrta Pravesika . Our course consists of about 30 lessons and covers all the basics. We start by teaching the alphabets and then go on to basic words, all the vibhakthis, five most used tenses, sabdas, adjectives, numbers etc. The course covers the complete Sanskrit fundamentals. A demo of the course is shown in the video embedded in this page. The course is entirely online. You can study from anywhere, at anytime, at your convenience. There is an online exam at the end. We will give a certificate from the Madras Sanskrit College upon completion. The cost is Rs. 3,000 (less than $50).

There are other courses intermediate level courses to give a more in-depth knowledge of the language. We also offer a diploma course where one can begin appreciating the beauty of the language. Here we cover select few works of literature. We have developed a digital campus where in addition to the courses, you can listen to lectures, simple stories and slokas, discourses on various subjects and read complete manuscripts of ancient works - all completely free.


The Madras Sanskrit College & S.S.V.Patasala was founded in February 1906, by one of the most illustrious personalities and an eminent jurist late Honourable V.Krishnaswami Iyer, Former Judge of Madras High Court and Member of the Executive Council of Government of Madras. Grown rapidly since its inception, the college has completed hundred years of service to the society particularly in the field of Sanskrit and became successful in restoring and rejuvenating the indigenous tradition and culture.

The college is affiliated to the University of Madras and recognized by the Collegiate Education, Governmentt of Tamil Nadu under Grant-in-Aid. The college has been partly aided by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Education, Govt. of India, New Delhi, under the Adarsha Mahavidyalaya Scheme from the year 1977.

Madras Sanskrit College Staff